The Overbilt Lifts Sport Loader is an overbuilt Pickup Loader providing the safest and most effective method yet for transporting your motorcycle using your pickup truck. Your bike is loaded safely and easily into the bed of your pickup, and our loader can be installed on virtually any pickup truck, short bed or long bed. As with all overbuilt lifts from Overbilt Lifts, minimal installation is required.

An electric motor with positive gear drive provides ample power in and power out of your pickup truck bed. This powerful 12 Volt motor makes loading and unloading your motorcycle a snap…for just one person!

The Overbuilt Lifts Sport Loader features a powder coated finish for a professional look that prolongs product life and prevents rusting. Your motorcycle will sit a mere 1 inch off the bed of your pickup truck, keeping your motorcycle well protected and your center of gravity as low as possible. And there are no cables to worry about. Our Pickup Truck Motorcycle Loader allows you to take your motorcycle along and still tow your travel trailer. The overbuilt lifts from Overbilt Lifts continue to prove that you can have your cake and eat it tool Call and order yours today!!