The first step in our manufacturing process is to fabricate each metal piece to our custom specifications. All tubing and piping is cut to the proper size, shape, and angle. Flat stock pieces are created with the utmost precision from our own templates. All metal stock is then punched or further worked based on the specifications of the item being built.
Each piece is hand-fitted into it's adjoining pieces, then precision welded to provide all the load carrying and towing strength you'll ever need. Each component piece is hand buffed and inspected, ensuring smooth and strong weld joints and quality control second to none. Pieces are then placed in a stone filled "tumbler" to further polish all joints and cuts, so the finish on your new lift is as smooth as its operation!
Finally, each piece is powder-coated to provide durability and the most professional looking appearance available. They are then rolled into our over-sized oven, making the finish on your new lift as durable as it is attractive.