Overbilt Lifts are the original Overbuilt Lifts. Something else, is something less!

A new receiver is bolted and welded to the frame of your coach. The Overbilt Lift has three tubes on its receiver. The lift uses the two outside receivers, and the center is reserved for towing heavier trailers when the lift is removed. The Overbilt Lift easily slides into these 2 receivers.

Easy to mount!
The electric for the taillights and winch are plugged into the wiring harness. Once the winch cables are connected, the mounting is complete.

Your Overbilt Lift can also be mounted on the front of your coach, providing twice the cargo capacity!

Strength, Durability, and Safety are all standard equipment!
All lifts are custom made, one at a time
3/8" plate steel
1/4" wall square tubing
Precision welds support any bike
Stainless steel pivot pins
Plenty of towing strength
10 tie downs with ratchet straps
Safe loading process
No trailer to jackknife or unhitch
There's no trailer to store away. Overbilt Lifts are compact and unobtrusive, so you can keep it attached to your coach even when you're not using it.

When you're ready to hit the road, simply drive or walk the bike onto the tray and secure it with the tie-down straps.

Easy to own, easy to use!

Click here to see the Overbilt Electric Motorcycle Lift in action

Raise your motorcycle safely off the ground and out of harm's way with the hand crank or optional electric winch.

We also have a double ramp stationary carrier to accommodate your ATV!