Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I mount the Overbilt Lift to any motorhome?

The Overbilt Lift can be installed on any motorhome. The size bike you can carry does depend on the chassis of the vehicle the lift is installed on.

2. Can the Overbilt Lift be mounted on 5th wheels?

Yes, the Overbilt Lift can be installed on some 5th wheels, call us for necessary information about 5th wheels. As with all 5th wheels, the frame must be reinforced with 2×4 steel tubing.

3. Can the Overbilt Lift be mounted on a pickup truck?

Yes, as long as the vehicle is at least a 3/4 ton.

4. Can I use my existing receiver with the Overbilt Lift?

No, the existing receiver is removed and replaced with our customized 3 tube receiver. The lift utilizes the 2 outside tubes to stablize and distribute the weight.

5. How do I tow my vehicle with the Overbilt Lift installed?

With our optional towbar receiver, flat towing or using a car dolly is simple. Our towbar receiver bolts on to the end of the lift, plug in the tow package on the vehicle and away you go. Flat tow up to 6,000 lbs.

6. Can I still tow my boat or trailer with the Overbilt Lift?

Yes, as long as the tongue weight is under 50-75 lb.

7. What happens if I remove the Overbilt Lift?

The lift is easily removed within a couple of minutes. The only thing that remains is the 3 tube receiver, which is rated for 10,000 lb.

8. How much weight can the lift handle?

The Overbilt Lift has been stress tested up to 6,000 lb with no sign of failure. The size bike you can carry depends on the type of coach. The Overbilt Lift can easily handle any full size motorcycle.

9. How much does the Overbilt Lift weigh?

The Overbilt Lift weighs 225 lb, half of what our competitors weigh.

10. Where can I get the Overbilt Lift installed?

Any qualified welder can do the installation, or if you are in the New York area, we do installations in our shop as well, unlike most of our competitors, we encourage you to have us install it for you. We like to get to know our customers on a one to one basis.

11. How long does the installation of the Overbilt Lift take?

Installation generally takes 4-6 hours on most motorhomes. 5th wheel installations may take longer due to the reinforcement of the frame.

12. How is the Overbilt Lift shipped?

The Overbilt Lift is shipped with either Yellow Freight or Overnite Transportation. The lift is on a wooden pallet with vinyl strapping. We strap it this way for those who don’t have access to a forklift. You simply cut the straps, and take it off piece by piece, the heaviest piece weighing 65 lb. Or for an additional charge, the freight company will offer a lift gate.

13. How long does it take to remove the Overbilt Lift?

The Overbilt Lift is removed in minutes. One person can assemble or disassemble in under 3 minutes. Competing products can take 15 minutes to assemble and disassemble. We don’t care to waste 1/2 hour of our day, so our product allows you to enjoy the entire day!

14. What type of finish is on the Overbilt Lift?

We use a powder coat finish.

15. How many tie down points are there on the Overbilt Lift?

There are 10 tie down points to choose from since there are many different styles of motorcycles.

16. Are there lights on the Overbilt Lift?

Yes, each lift is shipped with its own set of tail lights which enable you to have turn signals, brake lights and running lights.

17. What are the additional costs for the Overbilt Lift?

The only costs to the customer is the purchase of the lift, shipping and installation.

18. How is the Overbilt Lift mounted to the motor coach?

The Overbilt Lift is a WELD ON application, any certified welder who can install and weld hitches can do the installation. Installation time is approx 4-6 hours.

19. What is the weight capacity of the electric winch and cable?

The electric winch is a 2,000lb capacity, which we add a multiplier (pulley) which doubles the capacity to 4,000 lbs, plenty of power to handle all of your toys safely.

20. Can I buy direct or must I order through a dealer?

You can order direct from us, we can ship the Overbilt Lift directly to the installer, or for an additional fee the freight company can deliver direct to your address.

21. Is your motorcycle lift electric or hydraulic?

Some motorcycle lift manufacturers opt to use a hydraulic system, and that’s fine by us. Until they claim that electric lifts are inferior. It simply isn’t true. Our electric lift will handle any motorcycle on the market, with no drag whatsoever. And should service or repairs become necessary, we know you’ll prefer our electric system!